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Moe's Experience: Joining Global Skills Hub

Shairi Islam

June 23, 2020


The past decade of my life can be described as a personal evolution of trying to help people. My favourite part of any job has always been being able to connect with others and learn about their journeys. My interest in technology grew later on when I realized that it could be used as a vessel for change. Although the nature of technology is based on facts and rules, it is very much limitless with its possibilities. This interest led me to start out my career working with various tech startups. I enjoyed working with people in the tech community and appreciated their desire to solve problems and help the world.I was constantly inspired by the professional and personal communities around me which eventually led to my wife and I opening up an online language school in Iran called “teatalk”. We created an app that used peer-to-peer learning methods to teach English to the greater community. The process of having my own business was a great learning experience in every way possible, but that chapter of my life came to an end as I broke into the tech recruiting industry.

Global Skills Hub

It was during this time that I had the opportunity to meet Yousuf Khatib, who would eventually go on to co-found Global Skills Hub. We got along well and kept in touch over the years, even after we both departed and moved on to other jobs. Fast forward to July 2018 where Yousuf and I reconnect and he tells me about his new company. He explains the mission of Global Skills Hub focusing on the impact this company would have on the lives of others. I immediately saw enormous potential and grew interested. Not only is it a great opportunity for candidates to grow and develop, but also beneficial to the companies who would be diversifying their talent and creating a space for new ideas and innovations. After a number of conversations with Yousuf about his mission, it wasn’t hard to see how my own values aligned. Unbeknownst to Yousuf, I did not need much convincing to come aboard when he made me an offer to join as VP of Talent in August. Global Skills Hub (GSH) introduces a new service for growing Canadian companies, helping them find and hire the best international technical talent, manage the immigration process, and then smoothly integrate them into the ICT workforce here in Canada.GSH is a timely response to Canada’s new Global Skills Strategy that provides Canadian businesses with a 2-week processing timeline to bring in high-tech talent to scale up and succeed in the global marketplace. GSH aims to disrupt the traditional recruiter model of high upfront fees and minimal-to-no support on streamlining a company’s unique global technical recruitment process, both of which are not conducive to scaling. There is a large tech talent shortage looming (216,000 jobs by 2021) and GSH is committed to solving this issue with an innovative structure.In my new role as VP Talent, I will be handling the candidate experience from beginning to end. My team and I source international talent, track their skills, and organize and present them to Canadian companies.

I am extremely excited to be a part of a company that is focused on bettering the lives of people from around the world and scaling tech teams across Canada. I look forward to not only growing my team at Global Skills Hub and making the global recruitment process more efficient but also watching the company accelerate as a whole and continue to impact the lives of others.


Please connect with me directly at moe@globalskills.io to set up a time to chat! Check out our website www.globalskills.io for details on how the model works.


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