How much does it cost?

We are pleased to offer much lower fees than a traditional recruiter: $1,250 for 12 months for a total of $15,000, including immigration fees.

An average, traditional recruiter will not include immigration fees ($3,500 average) and charge, and a high, one-time upfront fee of $18,000.

Are candidates really approved in two weeks?

Yes. The Government of Canada has made attracting technical talent to the Canadian job market a top priority. With the new Global Skills Strategy, approval takes 10 business days, i.e. two weeks. On average, the total time from the job offer to the candidate arriving in Canada can be 30 days if you opt to relocate them immediately.

What is the process of hiring a Candidate?
We define your hiring needs

We meet with you or schedule a call to discuss your senior technical hiring needs and your recruitment challenges. At this stage, we will explore ways in which we can streamline your technical recruitment process and create a sustainable hiring model.

We source candidates within our pools

Our ‘try-before-you-hire’ pool are those working outside of North America with 5+ years’ experience, qualified technical skills, and strong English communication. Our ‘proven pool’ are H-1B Visa holders in the US or international candidates with 5+ years working for North American tech companies.

You interview and make an offer

We send you our shortlist of candidates which includes technical, personality, and English language metrics. We set up the interviews of the selected candidates.

We process the visa and work permit

We cover the cost of the visa and work permit processing and manage the relationship with the government, bringing you in only as needed throughout the process. The work permit turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks.

What about replacement candidates, company-specific technical testing, and ongoing support for a candidate once they are in Canada?

Replacement candidates, company-specific technical testing, and ongoing support for candidates is all included in our service.

I have never hired virtually before, how do I know the candidate will be good?

All candidates go through our screening process to determine technical skill and English fluency (ranked on a 1-10 scale). After the candidate interviews with you several times, you are able to hire them remotely on a trial basis before you relocate them to Canada.

How can I speak to a real person?

Glad you asked! Check out the Contact section here.

Why should I choose to live in Canada, versus anywhere else?

Canada is consistently ranked the best place to live in the world. Three of Canada's largest cities rank among the world's 10 most liveable cities, year after year. Its largest city, Toronto, has this to say:

"From safety, crime, healthcare, and education, to housing, culture, and economic as well as geophysical stability, the Toronto Region leads North America on every important quality of life metric. Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Life Survey Index puts Toronto ahead of all American cities, including San Francisco, Boston, New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. The Economist recently ranked Toronto the safest city in North America and the fourth safest city in the world." -Toronto Region Response to Amazon HQ2 RFP, 2017

Since 2013, the tech sector in Canada has been outperforming all other economic sectors with 71,000 companies across the country. Toronto specifically has been growing faster than Silicon Valley and New York combined in terms of job growth.

Canada is extremely diverse: Approximately 20% of Canada’s 36 million people are foreign-born which makes Canada one of the world’s most multicultural countries. In Toronto specifically, half of all residents are immigrants.

How much does your service cost?

Candidates never have to pay anything. All costs, including immigration fees and legal fees, are paid by the employer.

How much can I expect to make at my new job?

The salaries all begin at $80,000 CAD, and can go up to approximately $150,000 CAD.

How long will I have to wait from getting an offer to arriving in Canada?

The time could be as little as 30 days! However, most of our employers choose to hire remotely for a one-month trial before relocating the candidate to Canada.

Can I bring my spouse, children, or other dependents to Canada?

Yes! The Global Skills Strategy allows you to bring your spouse, who is entitled to an open work permit allowing them to work at any company in Canada. Your children or other dependents can also come to Canada with a study permit or visitor permit. These applications must be submitted at the same time as yours.

What technologies are employers looking for?

The five types of candidates that employers are asking for the most are: full-stack developers, back-end engineers, front-end engineers, mobile devs, iOS and Android devs.

The most commonly-requested specialties and technologies are: Data Scientists, Machine Learning Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, QA Automation Engineers, ASIC Design / Layout Engineers, Python Developers, Ruby on Rails Developers, C++ Developers, PHP Developers, Scala Developers, Node.js Developers, SDET – Software Development in Test Analog and Signal Design, Product Managers, Technical Project Manager, DevOps.

If you don't see yourself on this list, but are a highly-skilled technical candidate, we may still have a job for you!